Marine Surveys by Tamarack Marine Surveys, George T. Little, SAMS® AMS®,  Colchester, Vermont, USA Tamarack Marine Surveys
Colchester, Vermont, USA
Office: 802-864-4003

George T. Little, SAMS® AMS®

Principal Marine Surveyor

Services Provided
The most common areas of our practice are damage assessments for underwriters, and surveying and appraising Special Interest, Classic, and Historic craft.

With a background in mechanical service, we can offer practical insights on the overall integrity of systems and the prudent scheduling of maintenance.

We are available for consultation on matters related to yachts and small craft, along with industry practices.

Our objective is to speak for the boat, without bias to any party, but with respect for the perspectives of all concerned.

We are available by the hour for damage assignments from underwriters as well as our work with Special Interest, Classic, and Historic craft.

We are also available by the day for those situations where understanding potential expenses for larger assignments is helpful.

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