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How To Prepare For A Marine Survey
Time and additional expense can be saved by preparing the vessel for inspection and making her more accessible.

Marine Surveys by Tamarack Marine Surveys, George T. Little, SAMS® AMS®,  Colchester, Vermont, USA Arrange to present a clean, shipshape boat, and have all papers and miscellaneous gear ready. If applicable, you will need to make arrangements with the marina to haul the vessel for bottom inspection, and retain a captain for sea trials. Lockers and cabin areas should be cleared of all miscellaneous gear.

If applicable, a vessel on the hard will need arrangements to remove storage covers, install/activate batteries, and appropriate commissioning of any systems to be observed in situ in lieu of a Sea Trial. Marina personnel or other owner-designated surrogates will be responsible for operating machinery. If circumstances such as an off-season inspection preclude a Sea Trial, an escrow account or Sale Agreement language protecting a prospective owner's interests may be appropriate.

The surveyor, if requested, charges separately for subsequent attendance at a Sea Trial.

The surveyor should never be asked to prepare a boat for inspection. The surveyor may request minor dismantling of interior ceilings, headliners, flooring, etc. in order to gain access to the suspected areas.

Random removal and examination of below-the-waterline fasteners on wood boats may be required. Any dismantling and re-installation of parts should be performed by qualified personnel and is the responsibility of the person ordering the survey.

Written authorization from the owner may be needed to board and/or to remove part of the vessel.

Once you retain the surveyor, they report only to you and maintain the confidentiality of their findings unless you authorize disclosure to third parties, or they are instructed otherwise by the court.

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